Sunday, March 6, 2011

A new teaching piece... finished!

I have been extremely busy since Nashville, finishing the models for Celebration of Needlework. Last night at 10:00pm, the photo of Lucy's Pocket was posted on my website. After several re-starts, I finally finished it! Monday I start on the Ruby Slipper. I designed this pocket based on several antique pieces I have seen. When it came to naming it, I chose my nickname, Lucy. But, I also love the poem, Lucy Locket who lost her pocket. When researching the poem, I was very interested to discover some of the possbile interpretations of the poem. Here is the photo I posted:

My daughter is here trying to help me figure out how to set up my blog, and keep it more active. So far, we have lost the background. We are hoping hubby can help find it again, and that it does not wind up like Lucy's Pocket, with not a thing in it. I am going to try to be a little more consistent in my postings.Til next time.


  1. Hi mom, I"m following your blog now! ; )

  2. I'm following your blog since your started it. I love this new design :)