Monday, March 15, 2010

Getting the Hang of Blogging

I have not posted since Nashville. I left straight for Williamsburg, where I attended Jeanine's Gathering. I had a good time visiting with friends I see too infrequently.

I have also had to deal with a computer crash.

Since returning home, I have been busy working on a new release for the on-line show, and a 17th century style sampler for my EGA group. We are all so excited about this project. The hard part is only stitching 1 band at a time. I usually like to do the beginning of every band, then come back and fill it all in. I also have a hard time not doing the entire design at once, which I do admit, I almost have completed. I will pick most of the stitches as I go, however.

Today I met with a group from my EGA, and we worked on our basket for Stitching on the Ridge. Picking all of the fabrics, threads and designs for this project was an enjoyable way to spend the morning.

In the afternoon, I took my serger to have new needles put in, as one had broken. It worked fine at the shop, but alas, when I tried to use it at home, it was not the same. So, I have to make another trip to the sewing machine shop.

How was that Duke game? Good or what. I must say, Georgia Tech had me worried a bit. I love to watch, but boy do I get tense. The next coupla weeks will be interesting. Cannot believe Carolina got into the NIT game, and some of the other ACC teams who had better seasons did not. In case you cannot tell, I am a Duke or a Wake Forest Fan.