Monday, May 24, 2010

Today I have stitched on the Seventeenth Century Mystery Sampler. It is coming along nicely. I cannot wait to finish it.
I received the threads from Gentle Arts today, so tomorrow, I want to start the piece for JCS. I cannot wait to get started.
I also cannot wait to get time to work on the new piece for this fall. Having 3 pieces going at once is a bit unusual for me. I have lots of unfinished projects, but to actually be alternating the pieces because I really want to finish them all is a of a change for me. I usually finish a design before I start a new one. But with the mystery sampler, I cannot get more than one lesson ahead of the group.
Enough, back to Harry Potter, and the mystery sampler.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I am told I have to be a little more frequent in my postings. I have been busy at this and that. I finished teaching at Celebration, and drove straight home from Nashua, NH. Only 13-1/2 hours. I was so tired when I finally got home. I am not sure I have recuperated yet or not.

I have been busy since my return working on designs for this Fall and for our Mystery EGA Seventeen Band sampler. I have presented the 3rd band, and sent a photo of finished band. I began the 4th band, and it was included in the photo. I am now waiting on more threads from Access Commodities before I do anymore work on Band 4.

I have designed a piece for Just Cross Stitch or Sampler and Antique Quarterly. I am looking forward to this one, because I will be trying out the new wool threads from The Gentle Art.

I have also worked up a special piece that both my daughter and I are stitching. She is stitching on black linen with overdyed threads, and I am stitching on Flax linen with overdyed silk threads. This is a special piece, and I hope to release it this October.