Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Packing Up

Everything is pretty much finished.  The yellow ink arrived this morning.  The final coffins are packed full of goodies, and in their bags, and I am ready to totally chill tonight.

The Undertaker
Tomorrow, I pack my suitcase, and leave for market.  Here are a couple more of my new releases.
OK, so here is one of my new releases.  Can't get the 
others to go where I want them.

I can't wait to see old friends.  I am having a get together in my room on Friday night.  Lots of people I only see 
once or twice a year.  

I have something special for The Attic.  Will post photos after Jean gets it.

Have a great evening.  Gotta get some rest.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Long Day

It has been a long day, but I think we are finally getting everything wrapped up for the Baltimore market. Slight issue with the printer running out of yellow ink, but it is supposed to arrive tomorrow. Just don't know what I would do without hubby, who does all the printing, most of the bagging of patterns, and sets up most computer related stuff. Then there is my daughter who does model stitching for me, and lets me know what she thinks about designs and promos. And my other daughter who helps me do up kits, and also gives many ideas about marketing. And this year, my daughter-in-law even helped me make up the kits for Ghoulish Treats.
I love Halloween, and have many memories of decorating when my children were home. I don't do as much anymore, but have a lovely Halloween village that fills up a huge amount of space in the den, that we set up. This year for the Fall market, I really spent most of my time working on designs for the Halloween season. Enter if You Dare, and The Undertaker along with the Ghoulish Treat Pin Keep, are set to decorate my house when the market is over. Of course, I have to fight all three girls to keep the pieces.

It has taken me an hour to get this posted.  I have called Robin at least 5 times, trying to figure out why I could not put up photos, and why they would not go where I wanted them.  But, maybe next time, I will not have to bother her so much.  I can no longer use my Internet Express, but must use Safari.  That was the first problem.  The other was not leaving enough space between the paragraphs.  Never too old to learn, just have to retain what I think I learned.  Good night!