Sunday, April 14, 2013

A Special Guest

For the past 2 days, I have had the pleasure of taking a fellow stitcher on tours of special places.  Darlene Lara, owner and designer with The Marking Sampler, was in Greensboro, and we had 2 beautiful Carolina Spring days.

On Friday we started with a tour of the Greensboro Museum. It is the home of Dolly Madison's red velvet dress.  The dress has just returned home after many years at the Smithstonean. It will only be on display  for a short while, before it goes into storage, maybe forever.  Also, some other pieces of her belongings were out.  All of the objects were found in a trunk several years ago.  The photo below  is one of the motifs from a silk tablecloth.  There was a water stain in the center where Dolly had turned over a vase of flowers.  I found the workmanship very beautiful, even though it was probably a professionaly made piece.  These motifs were couched or appliqued to the gold silk, and it was very hard to see any stitches.                                                                      
After lunch, we spent the rest of the day antique shopping.  Sad to say, we did not find anything to tempt our money from our wallets.  Maybe that was a good thing.

Bright and early Saturday morning, we headed ot to Salisbury, NC, with the Piedmont Sampler Guild.  Fifteen of us began our day shopping at Spring Robin.  What could be better than a Needlework shop. Robin, the owner, had invited Threads of Gold to hold a trunk show.  So, in addition to shopping, we got to view some wonderful antique sampler.

Lunch was at a great sandwich shop downtown.  After a short walk, we enjoyed sitting outside in the beautiful weather, while eating our sandwiches.  

After lunch, we walked another coulple of blocks to the Dr Josephus Hall House. What a beautiful place.  The home had been built in 1820 as a girls school.   Dr Hall and his wife bought it and refurbished it in 1859.  It remained in the family until it was donated to the Salisbury Historicl Foundation.  You can visit, to find out about upcoming events at the house.
The image above is of the house, and the image to the left shows the iron work gate.  The same motif is used on all of the columns an railing on the house.
After touring the house, Darlene, my daugher Robin, and I headed out to find an antique shop we had been told about.  Sadly, it had closed.  But, we had another unexpected treat in store.  The shop had been located in Spencer, just down the road from Salisbury.  The NC Transportation Museum is located there.  They were having a big steam train event, and we got to see the old steam engine go by. 
The photo is one that my husband, who is a train buff, took yesterday.  He did a bit of manipulation Awsome, isn't it?

More soon.


  1. Hi Mom! It was great seeing you this weekend. And look, I'm reading your blog! : P

  2. I am glad to hear that you had such a successful weekend full of family and friends. It must have been quite a treat to see Dolly Madison’s red velvet dress. The Dr. Josephus house was breathtaking. I love seeing houses so well taken care of they stand the ages.

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