Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Afternoon

What a lovely afternoon.  Maybe Spring really has arrived.  As you can see, Mama B knows what you are supposed to be doing on a day like this. 

Unfortunately, she is in the spot where I stand to put in my contacts.   I had planned to  stitch after posting.   So, you know who had to move.                        As for the blogging, I continue to have issues.  Like trying to get a consistant alignment, and trying to make paragraphs.    If I hit the enter key, it goes all the way to the bottom of the page.   It also took over an hour to figure out why my photos were not coming through from the new ipad to my e-mail.  Turns out my password was not entered, even though I had put it in yesterday.

I was so excited yesterday.  My new fabric samples from Wichelt came in.  Now to decide which one to use for Autumn Whimsies.  The colors shown do not do  them justice.  I worked with them a bit, but still they are not quite correct.  They have a bit more yellow than shows.
Time to stitch.                   

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